Top Quality Poruducts for Your Customers and a Bigger Bottom Line for You

Our offerings are wide and always updating to stay on trend with the latest in fashion and technology. We make it easy to order new programs with great selling SKUs with high margins. As items sell we also make it easy for you to refill with simple reorders. We offer great selling programs in a few major categories including sunglasses, reading glasses, mobile accessories, winter apparel, leather, and personal care. If you do not see something that is right for you and your customers give us a call at 866-597-0240, we would love to discuss a custom program that is optimized for your customer base.

iShield Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

Let us start off by saying that our eyewear line is not the cheapest on the market.  Our retails for our branded sunglasses and reading glasses range from $9.99 to $19.99. For all of our price points with our eyewear you are getting the highest grade of materials that also be found in glasses that retail from $35 to $100 and at times ours are better.

What makes us different from the competition and their programs is a much wider variety and selection of glasses. Just within sunglasses we have over twenty four styles and then two to four colors within each style. Within our readers we will again have twenty four styles then multiple colors within each style and different diopters within the style and color. Along with much larger choice of glasses we also only use the best materials. Our lenses are made of PC (polycarbonate lenses) and PC frames. All of our glasses are also made from new materials, not left overs from another run which means the glasses are more durable. When your customers pick up a pair of iShield sunglasses it just feels right. The customer will feel the difference in quality. You will see that in your store's sales numbers, less returns, and overall customer satisfaction.

Program Features:
  On trend styles and colors.
  Attractive displays.
  High margins, 50%.
  Top quality materials.

True Tech Mobile Accessories

The mobile device market moves at lightning speed and so do we. We have a dedicated buying and quality testing of every new SKU we bring in. Also with Militti all of our products are certified and will not break because of a software update. Our cables will continue to charge and sync supported mobile devices just like the day you bought up. With that said our pricing is reflected but priced very aggressively and competitive to like items on the market.

Being a smaller company we are more nimble and can move on a dime. We have been first to market with several items in our True Tech lineup.

We have a display and program for any store size and customer type you may have. With the True Tech brand you as the store owner and buyer you will enjoy the volume and profitability of our tech lineup.

Program Features:

  • Top selling SKUs.
  • Compact counter displays and large floor displays to choose from.
  • High margin and quick turn is a win for everyone.

True Gear North Winter Accessories

Milittiā€™s True Gear North brand features a wide collection of todays hottest winter wear for men, women and children. Our line includes hats, gloves and scarves of all styles. With True Gear North your customer will be able to stay warm and fashionable through the winter months.

There are a variety of retail displays to choose from that feature a multitude of SKUs to best service your store's winter wear needs. Whether your store needs a large display for a long harsh winter season or small counter display for mild winters, Militti has you covered from head to toe.