Wired Remote Selfie Stick

Wired Remote Selfie Stick

MSRP: $7.99

SKU: 99-11-285

Brand: True Tech

Each order will come in assorted colors. Each selfie stick is individually packaged in attractive and informative packaging.

Our selfie stick has a built in wired remote for easy moment capturing. You can operate the boom with one hand. The neck is also adjustable to make sure you get the the right angle. The phone is held securely held in place with an adjustable phone holder clamp. The boom extends up to 2 feet out so you can get everyone in the picture or the background.

The selfie stick features:

  • Adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angles
  • Extendable handheld holder with remote camera button
  • Handle easily extends and retracts 2 feet
  • Plug cord into the phones headphone port to activate remote camera button

Selling Points:
Works with iPhone and Android
Comes in assorted colors
Individually packed inattractive informative packaging
Low cost high turn

Item Information:

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  • Inner Pack: 3
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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