Ski Gloves - Women's

Ski Gloves - Women's

MSRP: $9.99

SKU: 13-181

Brand: True Gear North

Selling Points:
100% Polyester
Comes in assorted colors with heavy insulation.
Wrist strap for tighter custom fit.
Clasps to keep together when not in use

Women's Ski Gloves

Keep hands warm and dry on and off the slopes!

- Wrist Strap for tighter custom fit
- Clasps to keep together when not in use

Assorted Colors in every order.

Item Information:

  • UPC: 6-87110-13181-9
  • Item Dimensions: 3"D x 4.5"W x 9.75"H (0.22 lbs)
  • Inner UPC:
  • Inner Pack: 12
  • Display Pack:
  • Display Dimensions: 12pc Inner: 5"L x 22.5"W x 9"H (3.05 lbs)

Case Information:

  • Case Pack: 120
  • Case UPC: 6-87110-98282-4
  • Case Weight: 30.35 in lbs
  • Case Dimensions: 22.5"L x 17"W x 21"H
  • Ti x Hi: 4 x 4

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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