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How to Use Coupon Codes

After you add your items you wish to purchase from us please follow click "View Cart" at the top of our website or if you just finished adding an item to your cart please click "Proceed to checkout" on the popup after you add an item. On that screen, viewing your cart, there is a field to enter your coupon code to redeem it, that box is located on the upper right hand side under the title, "Coupon Code". After you ender your coupon code hit the button "go" next to the field to apply the discount. If the code is valid the discount amount will show up under teh subtotal and the grand total will reflect that.

So to review these are the steps.

2) Click "View Cart" at the top of our website1) Add Items to shopping cart

3) Enter coupon code into the field under "Coupon Code" at the upper right hand corner

4) See coupon code applied under subtotal and price reflected in grand totalcouponcode.png

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us for help.

Now if you are wondering to your self where you can get these coupon codes? Well you can head over to our newsletter sign up page where we will send you promotional codes, special deals and discounts only our subscribers get.


If you have a memo code you would like to use the process is very similar to promo codes but instead you will type the code in the "Order Instructions/Comments (Optional)" instead. Nothing will change in your cart but we will know what to add to make sure you get what we promosied.